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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you are looking for, be sure to send us your questions through our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Will the names and images scratch off?

Our bottles are painted stainless steel. The names and images are created by engraving the paint off and revealing the steel surface underneath. As such, the names and images can't be scratched off. Like any painted item, if the bottle is dropped or scratched on a hard surface the paint will scratch, however the name and image will still be clearly visible.

Can the drink bottles be frozen?

We have tested the drink bottles in the freezer with both the lid on and off and have had no issues with distortion of the bottle. Being stainless steel however, the cold from the water is transferred to the bottle and you may require something to wrap the bottle in until it warms up to avoid cold fingers.

How chewable are the lids? Will the bottle stay watertight?

We're sure all of us has experienced a child who incessantly chews their water bottle lid until it no longer seals the bottle. Luckily, we have a very experienced tester in our family who has destroyed every other water bottle she has had. She has had her drink bottle fundraiser bottle now for over a year and has barely made a mark on the spout. It is still fully sealed and working correctly.

We are a small organisation and $35 freight makes the fundraiser less viable for us. Are there any options?

Our standard shipping is $40 (NSW, QLD, VIC, NT, SA) and $50 (WA, TAS) for orders under $1000 and free above $1000. We run specials with either reduced or free shipping at certain times of the year. We have run free shipping between February and May most years, if this timing does not suit you, keep an eye on our website and facebook for other opportunities.

We have a wide range of ages that we will be marketing the fundraiser to. Are there any options for different image collections?

We have tried to accommodate different scenarios in our image collections. If you feel there is no collection that meets your needs then click on the "custom collection" option on the booking form and choose 20 images to make your very own collection.

We don't have a good quality copy of our logo. Can we still get it put on bottles?

In order for the images to look good on your drink bottles we require your logo to be supplied in a vector format(.eps, .ai or .cdr files preferred). If only a poor quality jpeg can be supplied that is okay, our art department are happy to convert your logo in to the correct format, however we will have to charge a set-up fee for this service. We will discuss this with you prior to proceeding.

How long will it take to run the fundraiser?

For orders under 50 bottles, we will ship the bottles back to you within 2 weeks after we receive your final order paperwork and payment. Large orders (over 50 bottles) we will ship the bottles withing 3 weeks of receiving your final order paperwork and payment.

Bookings are essential, these turnaround times can only be guaranteed if your organisation has booked in a time slot to run your fundraiser.

How much profit will our organisation make?

Every drink bottle purchased by your members means your orgasnisation receives $5!

Small 500mL drink bottles - you pay $13, you sell for $18  = $5 profit

Large 740mL drink bottles - you pay $15, you sell for $20 = $5 profit



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